Houdini 17.5 - Procedural Patterns - Wood Planks

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I'm super excited to launch the first in a series of mini-courses on how to produce tiling patterns in Houdini. This is an important concept when learning to use Houdini as these patterns will come up quite often. Each month we will walk through a new pattern in Houdini.

In this first series of videos we are going to walk through the creation of tiling wood planks. You'll learn how to use the For-Loop in side of Houdini as well as its metadata attributes to create randomness and other effects. We conclude the mini-course by walking through the basic rendering workflow, in Houdini, by creating some lights and setting up a Mantra render.

The first few videos of the mini-course are free here on the Indie-Pixel channel and the entire mini-course can be purchased here.

You will Learn:

  • How to use the Houdini For-Loops
  • How to use the For-Loops MetaData
  • How to organize your networks
  • How to create tiling patterns
  • How to Randomize values in Houdini
  • How to colorize your Procedural Models
  • How to set up Lighting
  • How to set up Cameras
  • How to setup a Mantra Render

What You Get:

  • Over 2 hours of video instruction
  • Complete Houdini Project
  • All HDA's created in the Course

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Houdini 17.5 - Procedural Patterns - Wood Planks

17 ratings
I want this!